House rules

House rules

We reserve the right to refuse You in case of drunkenness or if You are under the influence of drugs

In the event of suspicion of carrying weapons and drugs / hard drugs we may refuse you the access of the bond

When in doubt about your age, you are obliged to show a valid identity card

In connection with monitoring the safety of the ladies and your goods, we use camera surveillance, of which we may give the images at any time to the police

All coworkers in the building work according to the guidelines of the GGD in connection with your safety and that of the coworkers

We are not liable for damage to your goods, in or outside the building

In the event of a record of taking and consuming your own beverage, you will be immediately refused access to the premises

We may refuse a client at any time

We do not tolerate violence and discrimination. In that case, we will call in the police at all times

Our ladies will guarantee your privacy at all times

Club Nightlife expects good hygiene from both our guests and our ladies

the ladies work independently in the company and may refuse guests or actions at all times, all actions are also carried out safely